Al Khatiri Arabic Oud

Al Khatiri Arabic Oud is one of our subsidiary of our group.

Al Khatiri Arabic Oud  is located at Al Khatiri Point Kubang Kerian Bandar Diraja Al-Muhammadi and the only shop that highlights the Arabian concept fragrances. Oud which is the signature of our store become the main attraction of customers.


We committed to provide only the finest oils and ingredients. We combine them to create evocative fragrances that take our customers on a journey to where East meets West, where pomp and tradition combine with creativity and contemporary luxury Arabian Oud is an international brand with 900 points of sale across 35 countries worldwide.

All of our fragrances are specially and originally imported from United Arab Emirates.

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What we offer

We provide luxurious scent is known for being the premier frangrance in Arabian homes and surroundings. 

Bakhoor with Best Oud Oil

Luxurious and Premier Fragrance